Service Times
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 AM Sunday School - (Each Sunday)
    • 11:15 AM Morning Worship - (Each Sunday except 5th)
  • Monday
    • 7:30 PM Kingdom Conference Call
  • Wednesday
    • 6:00 AM Women's Ministry Conference Call
  • Thursday
    • 7:30 PM Kingdom Conference Call
Upcoming Events

Mission Statement

To worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. To up build the church of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. To be Ambassadors of Christ in our community, our homes and our churches, and to lead men and women to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.


                               Affirmed by the Pastor, Officers and Members

                                                        January 2003

Food/ Clothing Drive

Macon Second Baptist Church has made it a purpose to collect food and clothing for those in need. Upon entering the church, you will find a container for donations of non perishable food items. Please let a member of the church know if you have clothing donations. These items will be distributed to needy individuals who have been effected by the economy, tragedy, natural disaster, or those just going through a rough time. Financial donations to assist with this effort are also appreciated. We appreciate your support of this mission.